My main skills

Software solutions for your kind of business and platform

My actual core competency lies in the mobile and web sector where I have many successful projects. This includes client apps as well middleware solutions and data backends.

All kinds of software projects, including data management, database creation and maintenance, web services, cloud computing and of course traditional as well as mobile and web development

Maintenance, support and extension of existing solutions is also a main skill I can offer. I'm, currently looking for a new full time employment with payment on a monthly base.

Located in the heart of Zurich Switzerland - served various clients in different kind of businesses all around the world

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November 29, 2019


in Main skills

by Dave

Web-apps Visyounary.comWebapp for sharing and growing your visions together with the whole world. My Home…
August 05, 2016

WaypointNG for Android - Image gallery

in Waypoint

by Dave

Login screen Login screen on Tablet (landscape) Navigation menu Menu in logged out state Menu…
September 14, 2015

WaypointNG - Android

in Waypoint

by Dave

WaypointNG for Android - timesheet view The main view of the WaypointNG client for Android.…
September 14, 2015

Waypoint - PHP Webservice

in Waypoint

by Dave

The Waypoint Webservice is used for data exchange between Waypoint DB and client App and…
September 14, 2015

Waypoint - iOS

in Waypoint

by Dave

iOS Waypoint - Timesheet The main view of the Waypoint client for iOS. It displays…
June 23, 2015


in Projects

by Dave

Work time tracking solution for smart phones The software solution consists of multiple parts. The…
August 17, 2019

in Main skills

by Dave is a new concept for sharing and growing your Visions together in a global…

inventing modern software solutions - since 1991

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Core Competencies

Explore more and get to know about the core concept behind my projects

Complex, rock solid and highly scalable solutions easy to start with

Intelligent and innovative project management and setup

Total / full stack service taking care of each and every part of the project

Economic setup and workflow benefiting you as employer

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