Free time activities

Software Design

Started 1991 with PC computers and programming BASIC and since then I'm addicted to IT. I'm often working on some private projects or studying new technologies and business practices. Software design is my passion and takes the biggest part of my life.


Music the greace of life

Music is among one of the biggest passions in my life. I couldn't life without it nor would I want to. I listen to anything that sounds good to my ear. Beside that I play the guitar once in a while.

Music is my second life
BBQ at night

BBQ's at the lakeside or at home

One of my all time favourites is to let the day end together with some good friends at a bonfire.

You can relax, let the thoughts linger, enjoy a cold drink and eat a savoury piece of meat. Ahhh what a day... and after that your ready for an new one.

Cooking with friends

Cooking with friends

I really enjoy it to invite some good friends and cook a fine dinner together. It's a nice way to take care of your social network and has very tasty ending.


My social network