Login "Night Shift Chess"

Login "Night Shift Chess" - Every player for which you want to add game results needs to have a personal user account with it's own login credentials (Username and password). Beside connecting game results and creating personalized reports and analysis for a certain player, the player / user has multipl individual settings and presets he / she can set to customize the look and feel of the "Night Shift Chess" app.

The main installation of "Night Shift Chess" at http://c.kimhauser.ch allows public or guest users to login the app in demo mode which enables the guest to try and check out the functionalities of the app in detail. If you like the app, you can download the PHP source and MySQL DB creation script so you can install and run it on your own server. The app license allows you to install and modify the source as you please and in complete freedom. If you like and enjoy using the app it would be great if you could spread the news recommend the app to other people.

Demo Mode Login

To allow guest / public users and all other interested people to get an impression of "Night shift chess" and try the app, you can simply press the Demo Mode Login link and visit all pages and functions in read only mode.


14 November 2018