How do you really know another person? How can you assess ones well being or empathise with her or his state of mind? Is it even possible to really know and comprehend the feelings and struggles of another person? I believe - no matter how good you think you know him or her - you can only look "at" a persons nature rather than capture a individuals real state of mind or psychological constitution. Sometimes it's the ones we consider the least which do surprise us the most.

Sibylle In-Albon

Sibylle In-Albon
I was - and so am I still - deeply distressed as I got to know that Sibylle In-Albon - one of my deepest friends - has chosen to leave us - her family, friends and companions in this life - and went her own way. By writing this article I'd like to express my deepest compassion and feelings to the family of Sibylle, all of her friends and everyone how knew her. For me Sibylle was always a very special person as she showed people in many ways, what is really important in life and gave a save feeling just by the way she was acting, to me and to other people. Because of her I could strengthen my self-esteem and sort out my attitudes towards life. Dear Sibylle, we will never forget you and your spirit. I really hope you found your inner peace and that you are in a better place now. You will always be remembered in a good way and have a very special place in our hearts .

Your friend,
Kim David Hauser

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