My main skills

Software solutions for your kind of business and platform

My actual core competency lies in the mobile and web sector where I have many successful projects. This includes client apps as well middleware solutions and data backends.

All kinds of software projects, including data management, database creation and maintenance, web services, cloud computing and of course traditional as well as mobile and web development

Maintenance, support and extension of existing solutions is also a main skill I can offer. I'm, currently looking for a new full time employment with payment on a monthly base.


- Offering comprehensive service and maintenance for own and foreign projects -



After the initial completion and introduction of any project comes the normal mode part of the software lifecycle. Even thought the goal of any software solution is to provide as little maintenance as possible, it is inevitable that you'll have to maintain, adjust or even extend a projects to the current needs. Depending on the setup and structure of your project you can prepare and plan ahead for those upcoming changes and amended needs. Of course you'll not be able to predict the future and know everything that eventually will come up further on. But with an intelligent implementation and setup you can put your self in a position where you make it easy to amend the projects to such changes. It is our responsibility and also part of the daily business to take care and prepare for those situations.



With every project comes the need for support of the product while introduction, normal operation, extension or switch to another product. Beside the maintenance of own products the maintenance service also covers foreign projects from other manufactures. Depending on the assignment the service can be offered as part of the project specification base or as separate mandate. For a reference of my core skills and technologies I know best, please have a look at my skill-sheet. For a detailed impression please contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the web form


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