Suake3D is actually a variant of an app I often use to get familiar with a new technology or programming language I try to get into. It all started at programming school with the first variant of Suake where I was creating a clone of the well known game Snake which use to be preinstalled on all the early versions of the Nokia Mobile Phones. The goal and flow of the game is to steer a snake wich can grow when eating goodies around the screen without touching either the border or itself. The more goodies you eat the longer your snake gets and the faster it moves around the screen. You earn points with each goody you eat and enter a higher level after eating a certain amount of goodies. After creating multiple versions of this "Snake Hello World" of mine for almost every programming language I learned I wanted something more, something to spice it up a little and so the idea of "Suake" was born. Suake claims to be a clone of the well know Snake game with theme and feature inputs of the classic 1st person shooter Quake. Suake also requires you to collect goodies and grow a snake but the snake also can collect weapons and ammo and also shoot them. This becomes interesting when playing Suake together with other players in the multiplayer mode. The game also features themes, images, sound effects etc from the game Quake 3 (unofficially, sorry). Check it out, the early gamers will most likely have a liitle smile on their lips when seeing Suake3D for the first time.


  • IP TV via own MMC IPTV Stalker interface (Timeshift & EPG)
  • Video Club (VOD)
  • International radio channels
  • Youtube & Browser


MMC IPTV is a Smart TV App for accessing IPTV streams via Stalker middleware and as of now supports Samsung and LG Smart TVs. The Smart TV App was initially intent specially for balkan people who want to access their home TV channels. But by using the Stalker middleware for serving the media streams you can basically access all available channels broadcasted by MMC IPTV which provides a very large range of channels interesting for all kinds of viewers. I.e. News stations, International channels, kids channels, documentations, cinema and movie highlights, music and blue channel, etc., etc. MMC IPTV also features Video on demand where you can find all the latest cinema movies out there as well as the ability to search our huge archive containing lots and lots of classic and past / older movies, series and much more. MMC IPTV also features radio / music streaming with a overwhelming variation of channels. The MMC IPTV App supports time-shift, you can search the channels programs with an easy to use EPG and record every movie or radio program locally so you can watch it over and over again.


The MMC IPTV App is Free of any configuration on the user side. At the startup of the app it will check your current subscription status and take you right to the main menu if you have a valide subscription with us. If your plan has expired or you don't have a subscription now all it takes is a short phone call to our support hotline, you tell us your device id (MAC address) and we can immediately enable your device.

MMC IPTV uses the MAC-Address of your Smart TV for authenticating against the Stalker-Interface. To enable your subscription at MMC IPTV you only have to tell us your MAC-Address and we will enable your device right away so you can immediately start using our great services through the MMC IPTV App.

The main menu of the MMC IPTV app is very clean and easy to understand. You can use all your common and well known Smart TV Remote Keys to control and steer through the App and Stalker interface. If you need some help getting started with our App you can find a help page showing you all the basics to take off in no time. It really couldn't be easier for you to access all the channels you'll love.

The Stalker interface has it's own built in EPG and it is the standard EPG for browsing through channels and programs. But while we found the standard EPG a little simple and strict, we created our own EPG and built it into the Stalker middleware. This means you have the choice between to different look and feels of the EPG presenting you the actual program. It's your choice, use the EPG which pleases you the most. Either the standard staler list or our own graphical view with timeline which we think is a little more sexy.

- IPTV Solution for Smart TVs (Samsung, LG & Sony) -

Code Project articles of Kim David Hauser

This are some pretty old but maybe still useful open source projects for Microsoft Windows of me on Visit an overview of all code project articles here or choose one of them in the list below.

MBtn2DblClick on Code Project

MBtn2DblClick (26 Jul 2010)
A small but handy mouse extention I use every day. It converts a wheel or middle mouse button click to a double click.

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File Version Changeron Code Project

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File Version Changer (18 Apr 2010)
Easily change the version of a Visual Studio Solution file from Explorer. With only 2 clicks

MBtn2DblClick on Code Project

Evaluate C# Code (12 Oct 2005)
Lib & Utility to run C# code on the fly. Include the library into your projects.

MBtn2DblClick on Code Project

Open CMD from Windows Explorer (18 Apr 2010)
Shell extention to open a console from the current location in Explorer

MBtn2DblClick on Code Project

MASM ImageFader (19 Jan 2013)
Hide context behind an image and fade it out on mouse over so you can access the hidden context

These articles of Kim Hauser are all hosted externally on - they're all for MS Windows. The date of the article is the last update.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback please let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Thanks!

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