-  Engineering software solutions since 1991 - starting with Quick Basic on Microsoft DOS  -



To me modern software solutions is a good combination between science and art. It takes more than just writing code or implementing a business logic.

Very important is acceptance. Behind every good software solution there are a lot of people. Designers, Users, Managers and so on. If you have a good acceptance of your software solution, the software is more likely to succeed in the every day lifecycle. What we also want of course is quality, reliability and a low economic footprint, initially and in normal mode. The quest is the golden path between endeavour and benefit.



I'm capable of providing total or full stack service which is covering each and every aspect of your software project. Starting with business and data analysis, blueprints, detail concepts, data modelling, implementation, concurrent setup of test projects and tools , profiling, adaption to current or ongoing changes or projects, introduction and training of users, administrator and managers as well as documentation and so on. The goal is to provide rocksolid software solutions that are easy and intuitive to use and manageable in normal mode with as little effort as possible. To achieve this goal the use of the latest tools, techniques and technologies available today is inalienable.


Public projects for Windows


Mobile software solutions

  • S4 Weather Station - Weather app for ambient conditions
  • Waypoint - a work time tracking solutions for web browser and mobile devices


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