Mise en place


  • Upload S4Mini_RootKit_v1.zip to sdcard
  • Start Odin & Restart device into "download mode"
  • Upload recovery-clockwork- with Odin and be prepare for the next step
  • Start device into recovery mode (by holding hold volume up and home buttons) after phone restarts and vibrates
  • Install S4Mini_RootKit_v1.zip from SDCard and reboot device => you done!





  1. Upload S4Mini_RootKit_v1.zip to sdcard. For example with adb by invoking a command like: 
    adb push S4Mini_RootKit_v1.zip /sdcard/Downloads

    or with scp invoking like

    scp S4Mini_RootKit_v1.zip This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:/sdcard/Downloads
  2. Restart Phone & Press and hold home, volume down and power => Download screen should appear.
  3. Connect USB cable, and press volume up.
  4. Start Odin, uncheck "F. Reset Time", and then click AP button.
  5. Select "recovery-clockwork-" file that you previously extracted, and press Start button. The phone will reboot when finished.
  6. After the phone resets (it vibrates) IMMEDIATELY hold volume up and home buttons to boot into recovery mode.
  7. Select the option to install the ZIP file you have previously copied to your device and begin flashing it.
  8. After flashing using CWM, reboot into system and enjoy your rooted device.

If you get warnings about applications doing not permitted actions, delete the following files from system/app, or let SuperSU fix it for you.

  • KNOXAgent.apk
  • KNOXStore.apk
  • ContainerAgent.apk




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