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A detailed Overview of my hard skills. Get an impression of my strenghts.

Project management

I work hard to create the perfect solution for my clients. Quality, functionality and temporal budget is Trump. SCRUM, Kanban ...

Mobile Apps

JAVA, Kotlin, C++, Swift, SwiftUI, Objective-C, XCode, Android Studio, Eclipse, Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Web Apps / design

HTML5, JavaScript (Vanilla & jQuery), CSS3, PHP, NodeJs, Twig, Jekyll, Joomla, Typo3, WordPress.

3D Development

Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, AutoDesk Maya, SceneKit, Modelling, Animation, Texturing, GIMP, FBX and OBJ handling.

Fat client Apps

C++, C#, JAVA, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI, macOS, UNIX (Mandrivia, Kali, Debian), Windows 11.

Agile Methodology

Scrum / Kanban Projects. Trello & Jira and Confluense as well as other Atlassian products like Crowd, SourceTree etc ...

Code Versioning

Longtime experience with GIT, GitHub, SourceTree, own Git Server, Bitbucket, Mercurial, CVS ...

Training and support

I received extensive training in customer service and support (phone and on-site). Over the years I have improved my skills.

Social platforms

Here are my social media platform profiles regarding my businesses.

My Hobbies

Here you can find out more about some of my favorite hobbies and activities to pass the time.


Chess - the game of kings - they say. A wonderful play and indeed a nice way to get to know someone else a bit better.


I'm always working on some software stuff. It may be just for fun, training or to do some small projects.

Reverse Engineering

From time to time I love to dive into the world of assembler and machine language to challenge myself with a crackme or similar tasks.

3D Design

Over the last few years, I have gradually delved into the world of 3D modeling, animation and programming in a self-taught manner.


To balance out my top-heavy activities, I also like to do sports. Be it snowboarding in winter or basketball and swimming all year round.

Science (Fiction)

I am very interested in everything new and scientific that defines us and our environment and what lies ahead of us.


Life would not be the same without music. For me it's the greace of life and I love every kind of music that sounds good.


I love traveling and getting to know new countries and customs. I also always enjoy being tempted by new culinary delights.

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Latest road trips

Here are a few impressions about some of my recent road trips and freetime activities I did with my friends and family.
Flugtag Thumbnail

Flugtag Hausen Am Albis

Today was the anual model flight show of the model flight club Affoltern Am Albis in Hausen Am Albis. Hundreds of interested model flight enthusiasts went to the airfield in Hausen Am Albis early this Saturday morning to witness the spectacle.

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Banksy-Exhibition Thumbnail


I visited the Banksy-Exhibition with my family. The images and installations where stunning and it was well worth the money even though the exhibition was not provided by Banksy himself.

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Sukkulenten Sammlung Sale Thumbnail

Succulents collection Sale

At this day the Succulents collection Zurich had a sale with hundrets of cacti and succulents. I was invited by my best friend Pascale and we enjoyed a beautiful day together.

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SkiDay Thumbnail

Skiday at Hoch-Ybrig

A wonderful day in the mountains with friends and colleagues. We took a day off to go skiing on the near by sloaps at Hoch-Ybrig. The weather conditions where just perfect.

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RoadTrip Furka Pass Thumbnail

Our trip to the Alps

Back in 2020 my family and I went to the Furka Mountain Pass to fulfill the last whish of my deceased uncle. He wanted his ashes to be scattered on this Mountain Pass.

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Some Reviews

Do you want to know what my customers think? Here are some reviews and feedbacks about private projects of mine.
  • Nice and free - Looks awesome from a newbie perpective. UE5 PlayerStartPlugin
    August 2, 2022
  • This should be default behavior! - Great plugin, works as advertised, very handy.UE5 PlayerStartPlugin
    August 15, 2022
  • i love it so much. Visualize Input Event Plugin (VIEPlugin)
    August 6, 2023
  • My vote of 5 - спасибо Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File Version Changer
    April 27, 2010
  • Useful - Thanks a lot for sharing Evaluate C# Code (Eval Function)
    December 14, 2018
  • My vote of 5 - Nice util!! Middle Mouse Button (or Wheel) to Doubleclick (VC6)
    September 8, 2010

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