Kick-Start App for Websites with Cordova

My first mobile app with Cordova is a kick-starter for websites. It displays a splash screen with an image and after a short timeout it loads a website in a InAppWebView. While the main page or a selected link is loading, a loading spinner in a modal view is presented. When the website or link has finished loading, the loading spinner disappears.

Splash screen

The app starts with a splash screen which shows you the logo of the website / company. The image on the splash screen fades in from transparent to opaque and zooms in the size of the image from 10% to 100%.

Site loading spinner

While the website or a selected link is loading the app displays a loading spinner which is non cancelable. When the website has finished loading the spinner disappears.


The website is displayed within the app with an InAppWebView which has no controls or toolbar except the zoom buttons. You cannot enter any other url - but you can follow links and use the web controls.

Android Download

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Source code on GitHub

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